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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

It was a pretty rough ride learning the ins and outs of the "gaming" industry. There were quite a few major events that happened along the way that should have been discussed publicly more. At the time I was just a gamer who wanted to make games, grow a business, and have fun enjoying my work. Looking back I realize I should have made more of an effort setting the record straight even though it would have taken alot of time away from my game business. It's a tough challenge to set the record straight as a part time endeavor while countless individuals are misinforming the public as their full time job. In the end it lead to the destruction of a business and massive personal grief due to the loss.

This isn't meant to sway opinion one way or another, people tend to make up their own minds and just seek out a narrative that agrees with what they already believe. Its why there are people who watch Fox News and others who watch CNN. It's not that the news is different it's just how its spun. This however, is going to be a list of facts that relate to all of the misinformation spread about Digital Homicide, my brother james, and myself. I'll update this list as I remember more events that had happened and link to more in depth articles on each of the topics as I write them.

Was Digital Homicide an "Asset Flipper"?

Contrary to massive amounts of articles and videos on the topic, I never took a complete project and published it under Digital Homicide like it was "my" game. Thousands of hours of development went into the games. Deadly Profits for example, generates an entire 3D dungeon system using only a single cube as its foundation. Every hallway section uses four cubes rotated, positioned, and textured at run time all through code written by me. The entire dungeon is a randomized roguelike experience written by me. Of all the false allegations this one really bothered me the most as it discredited the 1,000's of hours of learning and work put into creating games.

Did Digital Homicide sue Jim Sterling?

Actually James my brother sued Jim Sterling not "Digital Homicide" or myself. This isn't to say I didn't agree with him i did, I just wasn't listed in the lawsuit. Contrary to all of the articles and videos you'll see on the internet, the lawsuit wasn't about censoring criticism. It's very clearly stated in the lawsuit that the case was about defamation and the defamation was false accusation of theft. It would have been simpler if that was the only count in the lawsuit and would have been harder for the media to spin into the nonsense that it did but its understandable when you've been the victim of high level defamation to want to throw the entire kitchen sink at the person responsible. No media outlet or video cares to point out the false accusation of theft and i'll be going into detail in a full article about this with proof.

Did Digital Homicide sue Steam users?

This is a blatant misrepresentation of the truth. Steam and PC news outlets painted the picture once again that it was a lawsuit aiming to lash out at random Steam users who were just voicing their opinions. This is a complete and utter misrepresentation. If you read the lawsuit it is aimed at a specific group of individuals who continually harassed and stalked us for over a year. This wasn't about you as an individual stopping by and saying "hey your games suck!"(which you have every right to do) the lawsuit was about a small group of individuals spam posting 80+ times in a single day, posting on every game page defamatory nonsense, targeting customer reviews who enjoyed our games, posting personal information, and a plethora of other variations of harassment. An individual included in the lawsuit has since even admitted that they sought professional psychological help and that they were unstable at the time. Personally I think more of the blame lies on Steams facilitation and encouragement of harassment rather than the individuals who actually did the harassing. I'll be posting proof of these statements and more in follow up articles.

Wasn't Jim Sterling the only reason anyone even knew about Digital Homicide?

No, the marketing plans I created made a large following for Digital Homicide. Sterling continuously covered us because it made his channel grow not the other way around. The attention from Sterling just brought drama to our games and store pages not sales. Easy example Dungeons of Kragmor our best game, received solid positive reviews and even Sterling gave it a decent review(the only one where he actually thought it had promise). Its grand total launch revenue was around $1,000 dollars barely enough to cover the advertising dollars I spent let alone development. This made it one of the worst launches to that date proving his coverage did not contribute to sales. Further examples, I ran promotions handing out our games for free that would generate 100,000's of visits in a day. I executed a series of promotions that put three of our newly launched games on Steams Popular New Releases section on the same day. To my knowledge this has never been accomplished by anyone else especially a small indie like us. There is a reason Epic Games is handing out so many free games weekly, it's because it works.

Why did Steam remove Digital Homicide's games?

Well the public statement given by Doug Lombardi states the reason for removal as being hostile to Steam customers which is a complete misrepresentation of the events. In my opinion the real reason is they used the opportunity to remove us because we had an ongoing legal conversation with Steam behind the scenes on a series of items from breach of contract, monopolistic infringements, and more. We sent a demand letter including all of these 6 months prior to our removal, with a series of communications to Steams on staff legal department. The reason we weren't removed for this to me is obvious, our claims had a legitimate legal basis. Especially since they love using their "we can remove you for whatever reason" clause in their completely unfair contract they force developers to sign. So they did the thing I should have seen coming and told James about, painted a bullshit picture to secure public approval and financially crippled us so we couldn't pursue them legally. I'll be doing an entire article dedicated to Steams monopoly and abuse of its market position and how it damages not just developers but customers wallets.

Whats Coming?

I'll be adding to this list as people bring up things and as I remember things that happened. In depth articles covering Steams monopoly, lawsuits regarding harassment and defamation, and more.

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Wait Sterling Told Me Your A Liar! Ya Believe This Guy If You Want....

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